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Marcus Hamilton
For a moment, I paused from reading all the files that lay around my desk and started thinking...

This was not quite what I had in mind when I accepted to come to Rome. Perhaps to some degree I was expecting to have much more control of the Roman firm, but equal partnership? And with two spineless failures nonetheless- that was a bit hard to swallow, my morning coffee had more evil brewed in it than those two put together. But it didn't matter one way or the other really. I had plenty of time to play my cards the way I always did and show who was the real boss around here. As I kept thinking, what I found most interesting was how the chain of command had changed within the company itself. Perhaps it was just me, being too pretentious, but I never missed the obvious, and quite obviously, Mr. Renfield had become quite the powerful man within Wolfram and Hart. I suppose the Senior Partners had their own reasons for their actions, after all, beings such as them and a multi-dimensional company of this magnitude were bound to have secrets, as did everyone else who worked for this firm, including myself.

But even with all that power and class, I wondered... how did a man like Renfield end up picking two of the worst of Wolfram and Hart to run an entire firm? Even if you put the two of them together, they didn’t come close to being half the CEO that I could be. And with their unimpressive track record, I was surprised that the Partners had let them live for so long at all. I suppose, one has to assume, that just as the Partners, Mr. Renfield had his own reason for choosing them. But just because I completely disliked them, didn't mean I wasn't going to work the part of co-CEO. I have always been a team player, of course, my team always consisted of the best and the right caliber of people... Lindsey and Lilah weren't exactly the right caliber. Not only that, they were quite the annoying pair. Their whole careers were shrouded in failure after failure- making the LA branch the black sheep of the company, always trying to catch up to the heard witht their tails between their legs. Everyone in the firm was aware of what went on in LA. And for a company that required nothing but excellence from all it's affiliate firms, partners and employees, what they had accomplished in LA was completely unacceptable and quite frankly embarrassing for all of us. In my opinion, the immigrant clean up crew that swept and kept the offices clean and free of any insect infestation, could do considerably better than those two ever could.

Looking at things from the bright side... even if they wanted to, they wouldn’t pose any real threat to me, and with time, they would become just a mere memory on everyone's mind... that is, if I played my cards right. All I really needed was a little bit of patience...

I leaned back on my desk shaking my head, trying to clear my thoughts once more as I scanned through some of the files that I had acquired from Files and Records. One of the firm's main priorities was to find this ancient Holy Grail and a History Channel special on the artifact wasn't your valid source or information. But I wasn't about to tell that to Lindsey or Lilah, that is... if they had even started looking. I was pretty familiar with the legend on the Holy Grail, but a little research never hurt anyone. And there was plenty of information on our records of the relic, most of it, old folklore, bits and pieces of stories that dated as far back as the late 12th century. Nothing solid to really rely on but it was a starting point, and this project needed to start somewhere. As usual, I pulled out my cell phone to make the call that would assemble my team. I gave them all full details on the Grail, where to start looking for any clues, and gave them specific instructions on how to keep me informed on their progress. Not that, I had to do all of this myself, but I didn't trust anyone in this firm yet, and I wasn't about 'share' any of the information with my two idiotic partners.

Once that was all taken care of, I moved to my next order of business. Finding a good reliable authoritative figure in the city, with an eye for the... paranormal or supernatural, to use the old word clichés. Not many of those wondering about the streets these days, especially here in Rome, and especially not any real competent ones. I needed to keep good tabs on the things that went on in this city, and crooked cops just wouldn't cut it for this little project. You really couldn't trust their kind and trying to erase them and their mistakes could potentially become costly and not to mention tricky at times. Quite the messy business and messes were really not my style.

From the small pile to my right, I pulled one file that caught my attention. It only caught my attention at first because the file had come from the LA branch. I smiled as I read the name and the brief bio. Kate Lockley. Highly intuitive, very decorated, had some run-ins with some very strange happenings around the Los Angeles metropolitan area, and... ah yes, family in Italy. Just perfect. As I read further, a small smile crossed my face. She had her own private practice here in town; that would definitely make things much simpler and less obvious than just plucking her form the states under false pretenses of new job, new home, new life... all things too good to be true, making the pawn a bit suspicious.

I pulled out my cell phone one more time and called the office number on her file and a machine answered on the other line... "Miss Lockley, good afternoon. My name is Marcus Hamilton. I am looking for a private investigator here in Rome and you came very highly recommended. I- hardly do business with people I don't know, but since I just arrived in Rome several days ago and have... limited resources, I was hoping to perhaps set up a meeting with you to discuss some business. How does a luncheon sound? I'll be at the Ristorante Tre Scalini in the Via Dei Santi Quattro at 12:30 tomorrow. Hope you can make it there."

I hung up and decided to make my last call for the day. "Good afternoon, Files and Records!" Things were starting to fall into place, just as they always did. "Marcus Hamilton here. Get me everything you have on Kate Lockley."
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Marcus Hamilton
19 September 2005 @ 06:07 pm
Things were beginning to get completely out of hand in Los Angeles and the partners were beginning to lose their patience with all the parties involved. I was not happy that Lindsey had been discovered, not happy about the way that Wesley had handled things with Mr. Giles and his associates. The Los Angeles firm was becoming some what of a circus act and the happenings around the office had become a cause of great concern for other firms across the globe. Our name and our reputation was becoming less than what it should be, and it was about time things got back to the way they were supposed to be.

And the only way that these things were going to work were if I stopped letting unqualified personnel handle things and take care of everything myself, which is what I should have done from the beginning. I wasn't fond of L.A; I much preferred the comforts of New York City. But, the partners wanted this matter resolved as soon as possible, and they wanted no more mistakes.

On the jet, I placed several calls; one of them was to Cyvus Vail. He was one of our top contractors and one of our best clients as well. He had done one of his best work when he changed the memories of Angel's son, and that of his colleagues, and the partners had been quite impressed by him. I briefly discussed the issue at hand with him, making sure that he understood exactly what it was that we were asking him to do. It was a big job and but I was sure the old man... or- demon could handle it. He assured me that he would have everything ready by the time I landed in Los Angeles, all I needed now, was someone who knew the L.A branch from the inside out.

Once I landed in L.A, it will all be a matter of mere minutes before everyone's memories in the L.A branch would be altered. And I did mean everyone, from the C.E.O down to the janitors that worked for us. Still there were a few that would still remember things. I had made sure my secretary contacted Mr. Lindsey McDonald as well as Ms. Cordelia Chase to alert them of my arrival and to let them know what the plan was. I would have included Mr. Wyndam-Pryce in all of this, but he seemed increasingly unstable. A pity really, but it for the best. His loyalties were always questionable, especially after the death of Miss Winifred Burkle, and as much as we needed someone like him on our side, he was becoming a threat to our plans. No matter, an easy fix... for now, until we figured out something more permanent... for every one.

Not much after my conversation with Vail, I arrived at Wolfram and Hart's private airport. I was not quiet enthused about being there but I planned on making my stay as productive as possible. In less than an hour, everyone in Wolfram and Hart was going to have a little memory jolt.
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Marcus Hamilton
06 September 2005 @ 04:16 pm
Interestingly enough, I found myself sitting in the same exact flight that Mr. Wells and the slayers were on. Actually it had taken my staff mere minutes to arrange everything once they found out when Mr. Wells would be leaving the states. And with such precious cargo flying such a long way, I thought it would be best if I conveniently took the same flight as they did. Not that I really needed to since I knew exactly where they were taking Miss Dana. Pity that she would have to die as well. She could have been a great asset to the firm. But if Angel and his team of do-gooders found that we had taken Dana and 'reformed' her for our own intents and purposes, then there would have whined incessantly and asked questions they shouldn't be asking at this point in the game.

Still, sooner or later they would come to understand who was really in charge here. They would come to understand that they were simply pawns in a really big chess game. But what else did they expect? So much power at their finger tips didn't come without a price. This was a business, and it needed to run as such. Before Angel and his associates came to Wolfram and Hart, the Los Angeles branch was one of the top firms in the world in revenue. However, after his takeover, things started changing, and yes... the partners did look the other way and allowed certain indiscretions from them from time to time, but the fact was, the firm was not making the type of money that the partners were looking to make and not even close to what they had made the year before.

In a short amount of time, they had gone from being at the top of the corporate ladder, to staggering at the end of the food chain, like dogs with their tails between their legs. And the fact that they didn't want to cooperate with us was really irritating the partners, and quite frankly even myself. Here we were, allowing to taste the opportunity of a lifetime and all they were doing was wasting precious company time, money and resources. And for what? Merely to save just as many lives as they had the year before when they worked on their own?

But, they would be dealt with in due time. Right now, there were more pressing matters at hand. Like this new council in London, and the slayers that were being housed there. That much power in one place could potentially become a danger to us and our wealthy clients. Lucky for us, the majority of slayers that had any real training or could potentially become an issue later were staying in London, and were at this moment, from what my sources could tell, all in the same building. And the ones that weren't... well they were on this plane on their way to ground zero.

I could hear chatter in the background. The talk of eager girl who seemed exited to return 'home'. Little did they know, that 'home' would be the last place that they would ever see. I pulled out my cell phone and called my contact in London, a Gareth McKay, who was in charge of acquiring everything I needed for this assignment. "Is everything ready?" I asked.

"Yes, everything you need would be waiting for you the moment you arrive, Mr. Hamilton." He replied. Prefect. "And the materials?" I asked, trying not to raise any suspicions on the plane. "All ready as well. You can blow up Buckingham Palace if you wanted to with all of that ammunition."

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Marcus Hamilton
02 August 2005 @ 03:42 pm
I had been in Cairo for almost six months now. Things had started to go sour there almost a year ago, as it usually did from time to time within the various Wolfram and Hart offices. However, I did have to admit that it had been the most interesting six months I’ve experienced in quite some time, but not as interesting as the time I spent in Tokyo. Very interesting times in deed.

Still, Cairo was a real treat for me. It was the Mecca of Egypt. And as the largest city in the Middle East and Africa, it lied at the centre of all routes leading to, and from the three continents: Asia, Africa and Europe. So the strategical placement of our branch, in the middle of this very metropolitan district was very beneficial to us. And for me, personally, it was always a pleasure to help reconstruct one of our many branches from the ground up. One of our main goals was to be practically in every major metropolitan city across the globe. And with the Cairo branch we almost there. Now if we could only wedge ourselves onto the rest of the world, then we’d be in real business, not that we weren’t already.

Besides, it was venture that was bound to benefit everyone in one form or another... as it was always the case. Every time a new Wolfram and Hart branch emerged, it opened its doors to a world of opportunities. And who wouldn't want to be working for the most powerful firm this dimension or any other had? Yes... we did own the souls of ninety percent of our employees, but what major company didn’t in one form or another? If there were, then they were probably very few and far between. Still, there were those 'lucky' few, employees that is, who knew how to work their way around the system, but we were working on correcting that.

As I signed the last contract before leaving, I smiled. From the looks of things, everything seemed to be running quite smoothly now. The Cairo Branch was already having much success with its current multi-million dollar clients. A very powerful family of necromancers. And very powerful political leader who also had very close ties with the United Nations.

I looked up and smiled at the woman who stood in front of me, patiently waiting for me to sign all the documents she had brought in just a few minutes ago. "Make sure Semerkhet gets this as soon as he comes in," I said signing on the very last page of the last contract.

"And give him my apologies for leaving in such a hurry. I would've loved to discuss his thoughts on what happened in Los Angeles, but I guess that will be a conversation that will have to wait." She nodded and took the paperwork from me, smiling back. "I'll be in touch."

As she left the office, I adjusted my tie and pulled out my cell phone and began dialing the all too familiar number. "Marcus Hamilton here. Yes, send the limo and have the jet ready, I'd like to leave for Rome in thirty minutes... earlier if possible." After their confirmation I hung up the phone and began making my way out. As I reached the lobby two of my assistants were already waiting for me with all the briefing materials on for the Rome branch. The limo ride was a quiet one, as I read though everything briefly, skimming through the small stuff and facts that were simply common knowledge.

"We're here Mr. Hamilton," The driver called out and moments later the door was opened by one of my assistants. "The Jet is fueled and ready Mr. Hamilton... you'll make it to Rome in no time."

"Good." I said as we made our way to the jet.

I leafed through a few more pages and then put everything back in the file as I boarded the jet. From the looks of things, every thing was about to get quite interesting. And I liked interesting.
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Marcus Hamilton
05 May 2005 @ 01:20 pm
Everything was going according to plan. I had made my point to everyone that needed clarification on the issue at hand. I was no Eve, I didn't answer to anyone but the Sr. Partners directly. Now there was only one last issue to take care of. One last loose end to tie up before moving on to the next phase on the Senior Partner's plan.

I had gotten a tip from one of my informants on Dak's whereabouts. She was the last one on my list and it was about time to take her out of the picture... permanently. The partners weren't too comfortable with her existence in this plane or any other, and her demonic powers alone had put her in the partner’s death list.

Now it was all just a matter of finding her and... terminating her existence.

Sure enough, it didn't take long to find her. She was right where my informant said she would be. I smiled and watched her for a while... a long while. I wasn't going to take any chances on this one. This was not the kind of kill that would send out a statement of any kind; this was just something that had to be done because the partners wanted it done. And I had the upper hand here... I had the element of surprise and I was not about to lose that.

I slowly walked towards here, not making a single sound, smiling to myself because after this everything would be simply smooth sailing. After this I could begin focusing on the bigger picture. The one were I kept a watchful eye on Angel and his team. The one where I conveyed the Senior Partners wishes and we worked out ways to make those wishes happen for them, ensouled CEO or no CEO.

Before she knew what hit her I came up behind her and snapped her neck. And it was that easy. Nothing to it really.

I cracked my neck and then pulled out my cell phone and called the office for a clean up crew. "Yes, Marcus Hamilton here. Yes. Correct. Code 86. No, just a small clean up. No witnesses. Thank you."

I hung up and waited for the clean up crew to arrive. Once they did, I wasted no time and returned to Wolfram and Heart. That's where I needed to be now. To make sure things were running smoothly, make sure all communications were open, and make sure that Angel 'shared' his business ideas with the Senior Partners. And if he didn't want to cooperate... well, then there was always more than one way to skin a cat, and in this case, a vampire with a pesky soul.
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Marcus Hamilton
24 April 2005 @ 03:56 am
It was quite a nice office with city view for an entry-level do-gooder position in team Angel. They could have done a lot better - bigger view, bigger chair - but then again, why complain? I was right where I wanted to be, where I needed to be, and with my foot in the door. All that I needed to do now was work my way up the food chain and implement my charm on the goodie do-gooders to get close to them, gain their trust and make them believe that I was on their goody-good side. It was going to be interesting to see how things would develop from here. But with a 'top notch' team, like the one Angel had working for him, I doubted I would come across any real bumps in the road.

I had to admit that Eve had come through for me like she always had. Not that I ever doubted her. Her eye to detail was impeccable as was her expensive taste in clothes. I was just still a little ticked at her for not informing me through the proper channels about the last minute decisions she had taken upon herself to change with regards to our plans. But it all seemed to work for the best. Now everything was simply just a matter of time… and coordination on our parts.

I sat behind my desk and smiled. I looked over the pitiable excuse of a case that I would be working on for weeks, or… week, idly reading through the hand written notes and the printed report. This was going to put me on Mr. C.E.O vamp detective’s good graces. For a while at least. There was still much work to be done, and really, I didn’t think the guy was so stupid as to believe my façade so quickly and so early in the game. And if he did? Well, then he was more foolish than I had originally though. So I guess I had to give the guy credit for at least just that. Kudos to the ensoul boss.

I leaned back on the chair, as I leafed through the file. As I read, my hands began to undo my tie. After thirty seconds or so I frowned when I realized what it was that I was doing. Well that’s interestingly new… I thought to myself. I had never done something like that, especially not at my place of work. Not unless I was undressing for bed or for… other things. But somehow this felt completely natural, so I paid no real attention to it and went back to reading the file. There was nothing in there that I didn’t already know. I suppose I just wanted to go through the motions. Still, it felt a little off, but nothing was really out of the ordinary.

Except for my tie… already off of my neck and laid neatly across the table. “Hmm… very interestingly new.”

Before I knew it the first two buttons on my shirt and my cuffs were also undone. Nothing wrong with that, right? Many people did that now a days. Mostly on casual Fridays. In fact, the more I thought about it, I couldn’t understand why the idea hadn’t crossed my thoughts before, but it didn’t seem to really matter at the present moment. Nevertheless, some things still felt a little strange, I couldn’t quiet place why things felt a little off, almost as if I was not quite myself.

Definitely interesting.
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Marcus Hamilton
05 March 2005 @ 09:32 pm
I was sure I had made quite the impression after speaking with Angel and his associates. The look on their faces after 'terminating' Eve's contract with the firm and the partners with one fatal blow was more than priceless. But now there were other things that required my attention. I took the elevator down to the basement level of the firm. Interestingly enough, in the three days that I had been here, watching things from afar, no one had taken notice of me. I would have to talk to security about this little issues when it was time, or probably talk to Angel about 'replacing' them with more competent employees. But that was a conversation for another day.

Finally, the elevator stopped and I was at the place were I was holding Miss Maria Huntington against her will. After watching things from a distance I needed to set things perfectly clear, not only to Angel and his team, but also to everyone who was associated with him. The partners meant business, and I was here to make sure that their concerns were conveyed to all the right channels and that all business ran smoothly from now on, or else there would be dire consequences.

Its just businessCollapse )

I would say, for being my first official day in the firm, I wasn't doing too badly.
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Marcus Hamilton
13 February 2005 @ 01:42 am
The Senior Partners had finally decided to put me in charge of things. Eve had been a monumental failure in their eyes and they had sent me down to Los Angeles to deal with her, and terminate her contract with the firm once and for all, severing all her ties to the partners and their powers.

In my eyes, the Partners had been extremely patient with her. Her responsibilities to Wolfram and Hart were simple: She existed to serve us. They had offered her personal wealth and power and in return, they had only asked two simple things of her. To watch, and relay our message to our L.A. branch C.E.O. Not a hard task. But she couldn’t carry out her assignment, and her monumental failure was only matched by her cowardice.

Her contract had required the surrender of her immortal soul to us, and that was a commitment that we took quite seriously. She made many serious offences that carried the penalty of death in our eyes. We were very forgiving of many things, an on many different levels.

However, her lack of cooperation, her failure to follow work instructions and the failure to maintain a desired level of satisfactory performance were things that were unforgivable to the firm. Where other companies fired their employees for such offenses, we terminated our employee’s contracts and their lives. Of course, we did this on a case-by-case basis, but 94% of the time we didn’t hesitate to shuffle off their mortal coil and send them to their afterlife.

I looked at my watch. It was still quite early. But there was no time like the present. I parked my Mercedes SLR McLaren and stepped out. It had been a long while since I had visited the Los Angeles branch. I walked over to the trunk and popped the hood. Eve had the look of fear in her eyes and just seeing her there, bound and gagged made me smile. I pulled her out of the vehicle and simply walked into Wolfram and Heart with her in tow.

One of the guards at the entrance tried to stop me as I reached the lobby. I let Eve fall to the floor and proceeded to disarm the guard. It was really quite easy. I smashed his head like a piece of fruit on the marble floor hearing the musical crunch his skull made in the process. A blond female vampire wearing a pink Versace dress made her way towards me with an astonished look in her eyes.

"You killed him! You killed Manny the guard! That is so not cool." She said in a high-pitched voice.

I put my hand up, I really didn’t have time for mindless chatter. "Harmony, is it? Why don’t you be a dear and call up a clean up crew to pick up this mess." I said giving her a smile.

"And while you’re at it, why don’t you also contact Mr. Angel and let him know that Marcus Hamilton, the new liaison for the senior partners is here to see him." I picked up Eve and proceeded to make my way to the elevator.

"Oh... I- umm, ok. I-" I cut her off before she could say anything coherent.

"I will be waiting for him in the oval meeting room." I entered the elevator. She tried to mumble something else, but by the time she could make to the elevator, the doors had already closed and I was on my way to making Eve’s last moments a living hell.
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Marcus Hamilton
10 February 2005 @ 09:13 pm
A few more lights and we were almost there. I looked back to where Lindsey was. Too bad he was still unconscious. I sort of hoped he would have awakened by now. Better this way I suppose. Guess it saved me the trouble of having to explain what he was about to do... that and not having to put up with his insatiable whining.

But he truly was in for the surprise of his life. After all, he was going to be the one to kill Eve. I was curious to see how that would turn out.

Finally we reached our destination. I stepped out of the van and waited for Wesley to park his car and join me before taking Lindsey out and giving him the tour of the building. While I waited I pulled out my cell phone and called Sonya once more to alert her of our arrival. She had everything ready for us.

After a minute or two Wesley finally joined me. I was glad to see him choosing the right side. He had already proven himself to be a great asset to Wolfram and Hart. Still, he had yet to provide the Senior Partners and myself with more substantial evidence that he would be more of a permanent fixture in our firm. The Senior Partners were still leery of him and his true intentions. However, due the circumstances of his change of heart, I wanted to give him the benefit of doubt.

"You know. I like this new you. It suits you better." I said coolly.

"Not that it is much different from the old you, but at least you’re working for the right team now."

I opened the door to the van and smiled.

"So. Do you think he would be surprised with what we’ve got in stored for him?"
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Marcus Hamilton
07 February 2005 @ 08:19 pm
It was early… well, not quite that early for me since I had been awake since 5:00 AM. But I thought it was time for me to pay a little visit to Wolfram and Hart and see how things were going. It was a bit ahead of schedule, in fact, I had not anticipated having to make this trip down memory lane so soon, but in light of recent events this was a trip that was unavoidable.

Mental note: Remember to thank Eve for making it possible for me to move my plans ahead of schedule. Actually, scratch that note. Just be sure ask what the hell was she thinking when she decided to pull a stunt like that without consulting me first.

I checked my watch again. 7:43 AM. The streets were a little busy, which was interesting because the streets of Los Angeles at this time of day were always extremely busy, or at least they always seemed to be. In any case, all it meant was that I could relax a bit and enjoy the scenery. Hmm… and by looking out the window I could tell there was not much of it.

Mental note: Next time, take the freeway instead of the street. It is much faster and less “scenic”.

After a passing by a few lights and a few beggars I finally made it to my destination. I decided to park my car away from the building and walk the rest of the way there. No need in alerting them that I was coming or have my Mercedes SLR McLaren towed away for parking in the red zone.

As I neared the building I noticed that something was off. I looked towards the parking lot and it seemed… empty. Usually this building was full of people, lawyers, criminals, or your occasional demon passing for a human with power like Donald Trump or Bill Gates.

Hmm… That’s interesting.

I walked up to the door and everything was… dark and empty. That was no way to run a business. What ever happened to being the driving force of evil that provided top-quality legal advice and services to mortals and demons alike that sought to dominate and destroy the forces of good in all forms?

How pathetic.

I turned around and decided to check the alternate entrance. I always kept a spare key to access the building, just in case the C.E.O decided to take a break from evil and give everyone the day off. This was truly pissing me off.

Just when I decide to go out of my way and make a visit to evil incorporated they take a vacation.

As I walked in I pulled out my cell phone and began dialing the numbers… I needed to speak to Eve right way. After the beep I punched in the usual message. Well, not so usual this time.


I needed to talk to her and get some answers. Once I had place the call, I closed my cell phone and put it away inside my coat pocket.
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